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The Communion of Holy Christian Churches is an International Assembly of local Churches and ministries, united under a common doctrine and vision to spread the message, ministry, and mission of Jesus Christ throughout the world. These churches agree to lead people to the Holiness of GOD and the fullness of life in Jesus Christ through the person and power of the Holy Spirit. This Assembly’s calling is to recapture and exemplify the Word, Worship, and Witness of Christ’s Church as found in the Scriptures.


We are Liturgical whereas as we are free and open to the move and flow of the Holy Spirit, we honor a set format in Worship services, which emphasizes Prayer, Scriptural Reading, Singing, Preaching, and observance of the Sacraments. We impress upon the Churches to observe the Eucharist weekly and to baptize new converts immediately! We also encourage clergy to wear attire and vestments in worship to dignify their office and identify their role as seen in the Scriptures.


We are Evangelical whereas, we believe in the necessity of personal conversion, subsequent to hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Salvation comes by Grace through faith in Christ Jesus after repentance. We believe in the supremacy and inerrancy of Scripture (in their original manuscripts). We emphasize the virgin birth, life, death, burial, and literal resurrection of Jesus Christ. Discipleship and Christian Education is a necessity for all who join the Church and, the Church has the biblical responsibility to do the ministry of Evangelism.


We are Pentecostal, whereas we believe all Christians are to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as commanded by Jesus. Subsequently, this entails living a life in Holiness and Sanctification, where the Spirit gives the believer power over the devil in the world and separates them from the practice of sin. The evidence of the Holy Ghost is obedience to the Scriptures, loving people, a passion for prayer and worship, belonging to & supporting a local Church, and speaking in tongues as He gives utterance. The Spirit’s empowerment also disseminated gifts as according to His will, to edify the Body of Christ and to aid the ministers in their work.


We are Social, whereas as we believe in engaging the Church in exhibiting the love of God in our households as well as communities. The Scriptural mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves is paramount to all we do and who we are. In this, we are committed to building and establishing families and households in biblical order, exemplifying an excellent Christian witness in the community. In addition, we are called to engage the social ills of our communities and nations. We provide help, which is in alignment with heart of God Scripturally, the love of God practically, and the resources of God willingly.


Our Mission is to be eternally faithful to Jesus Christ and His Word, Worship, Witness, and Works in loving fellowship as His body; passionately carrying out the Great Commission in Scriptural Holiness unto GOD the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Our statement of faith and core doctrinal position is not unique to our assembly nor solely the fruit of exclusive organizational study rather, they are unashamedly aligned with the orthodoxy of the historic Christian Church.

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